Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Letter D - Day 2

I learnt about occupations starting with D: Doctor, Dentist, Dancer, Delivery man and flowers starting with D: Daisy, Dandelion...
Daddy starts with D as well.... :)

Colouring: Dd template
Writing: Dd for Daisy
Craft: Made a Daisy card for Daddy!

Reading: My Doctor's Bag

Mummy also opened up my doctor play set for me to play.... I kept putting cream on my Moo Moo Cow... haha..

Letter D - Day 1

Mon, 27 Jul 09

We started with Letter D this week........

I learnt about animals starting with D: Dog, Donkey, Dolphin, Duck, Dove, Dinosaur, Dragon, Dragonfly...

Colouring: D (Sesame Street)
Writing: Dd for Dolphin ; Dot to dot exercise (Dog)
Craft: Dolphin collector card; Doctor Doggy (did this on Tue instead)
Song: How much is that Doggie in the window?
Five Little Ducks
Reading: The Dinosaur who lost his roar
The Ugly Duckling

Changi Seafood

Sat, 25 Jul 09

Today, we (together with Wai Gong & Wai Po) headed to Changi Village for the seafood......
Daddy & Mummy ordered a huge crab and other dishes as well!! Let's see what else we had.... bbq stingray, sambal sotong, prawn paste chicken, fried beancurd and vegetables.... total of 6 dishes... We managed to polish everything off..... hehehe...

Oh, Mummy forgot to take pictures there.... hee...
Here are some taken using Wai Gong's camera before we went out for dinner...

Letter C - Day 4

Thur, 23 Jul 09

We finished off with transport starting with C: Car, Crane, Cement Mixer and things that I can find in my home: Clock, Compass, Calender, Coin, Crayons, Candle, Chair, Cup....

Writing: Cc for Car
Craft: Car
Song: Hickory, Dickory, Dock
Reading: My Best Book about Cars

We also did the "My First Letter C Book"...

Letter C - Day 3

Wed, 22 Jul 09

I learnt about occupations starting with C: Chef, Cleaner, Clown and other things beginning with C: Cap, Crown, Castle, Circle, Clouds, Cake, Cookie, Cheese....

Writing: Cc for Clown
Craft: Clown TP roll
Song: Do you know the Cookie Man?
Reading: C is for Cookie ; The Castle that Jack built

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter C - Day 2

After a fun time out, Mummy bathed me when we reached home..... After my bath, she asked me if I wanted to nap or study... I chose to study first then nap...

So we proceeded with the Letter C (initially, Mummy thought if I was tired, she would just do it together with tomorrow's learning)

I learnt about animals starting with C: Cat (my favourite), Cheetah, Cow, Camel, Crocodile, Crab, Clam, Centipede, Caterpillar

Colouring: The Cc Template
Writing: Cc for Centipede
Craft: Cow TP roll ; Cheetah & Crocodile collector card
Song: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Reading: Clarence the Crocodile ;
My First Cat (there are different types of cats shown in the book, Mummy asked me which one I like, and I chose the ginger cat.... Mummy thought I anyhow pointed, but when she turned to different pages with ginger cat and others, I still chose back the ginger cat... hehe)

The Thorn among the Roses...

(Photos by Auntie Serene.... Thanks so much, Auntie Serene!! Muaks!)
[From top left clockwise, Estelle, Me, Rachel, Enbi]

We had a fun time out today with some Jan07 Mummies and their toddlers....
I met 3 pretty mei mei, Rachel, Estelle, and Enbi .... :) I was the only boy there....

Alas, Mummy forgot to bring the camera, so no photos to show.....

Auntie Yvonne, Auntie Serene, Auntie June, if you all did take some photos, do post up in your blog or email to Mummy, can?? So I can show everyone the 3 pretty girls I hanged out with today.... haha.. ;p

Mummy was in awe with the way the girls were running all over the place..... As for me, I just observed at the sideline and laughed....It was fun for me too just looking at them.... I did play with the slide for awhile.... I also hugged & high 5 Estelle at one instant, and sayang her when she fell down and cried...
Mummy wished I was more active and daring.... Ha, Mummy, maybe you would wish differently when that day comes....

Letter C - Day 1

Mon, 20 Jul 09

My first day of learning the Letter C!

We started off with fruits & vegetables starting with C:
Fruits: Carrot, Cucumber, Coconut, Cherry, Chilli
Vegetables: Corn, Celery, Cabbage, Capsicums, Cauliflower

Colouring: C Cookie Monster & Cake
Writing: Cc for various; Dot to Dot exercise (carrot)
Craft: Cutie Carrot

喜喜 Double Happiness

Sat, 18 Jul 09

Today, Mummy brought me to Pasir Ris alone as Daddy went to work.....
My 二姑婆, 姑婆, & 2 表姨s were here to attend one of my 堂姨's wedding dinner tonight....

In the evening, 7 of us (including Wai Gong, Mummy & Me) went to 千喜楼 at the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road for the wedding dinner.....

I had a fabulous time there, eating till my tummy is big & round... When it's time to clap, I was very happy and clapped very enthusiastically.... I even joined in the "yum seng" part.... hahaha...
As Mummy didn't bring camera, all photos were taken using Wai Gong's camera....(photos to be uploaded at a later date)
Mummy did up a slideshow..... uploaded on 3 Aug 09
Enjoy watching :)

Here are some taken by my 表姨s

With my pretty 表姨 on Sun, 19 Jul 09.... I had a fun time playing with her :)

Cheeky Me..

Fri, 17 Jul 09

Today, Enrui was back at the LNT class.... but the other new boy was missing in action... wonder if he would be back next week...hmmm...

Cikgu Mariam commented I was very cheeky today.... cos when she asked if I wanted to sing the previous Pantun at the end of the lesson, I said yes and went over... Then I just sang one sentence of "Burung Kakak Tua" and kept giggling away.... When she asked me to sing "Geylang Si Paku Geylang", I also just laughed & laughed... hahaha...

Today, we learnt a new pantun "Ondeh Ondeh"..... I shall master it too in due course.... heh...

Homework submitted:

Letter B - Day 4

Thur, 16 Jul 09

My last day of learning the Letter B....

Today, I learnt about various things starting with B: Box, Bag, Book, Bed, Bottle, Bucket, Binoculars, Belt, Boot, Button, Beads...

Writing: Bb for various
Craft: Binoculars (using TP roll, based on Mummy's own design... I pasted some stickers to decorate it..)

We also did up the "My First Letter B Book" ....

This is the result when I was given full rein over the colouring... haha..

Practising my cutting....

Looking through my binoculars :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Letter B - Day 3

On the 3rd day of learning letter B, I learnt about transport starting with B: Boat, Bus, Bicycle, Bulldozer and other things beginning with B: Beach, Bench, Bush, Bridge, Balloon, Ball, Bell, Bubbles...

Writing: Bb for Ball

No craft for today... Instead I had a fun time blowing bubbles! oO0oO0

Song: Row, Row, Row your Boat & London Bridge is falling down

Reading: Zoe & the Runaway Ball ; Dozer

Letter B - Day 2

Tue, 14 Jul 09

I learnt about animals starting with B: Bear, Butterfly, Bee, Bat, Bird and colours: Blue, Black, Brown, Beige.... Baby & Boy start with B as well...

Colouring: Bb template
Writing: Bb for Bee
Craft: Butterfly tp roll; Butterfly & Bear collector card
Song: Rock a bye Baby
Reading: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Letter B - Day 1

Mon, 13 Jul 09

Today, we started on Letter B...

I learnt about food starting with B: Banana, Broccoli, Beans, Blueberries, Butter, Bread, Biscuit and occupations starting with B: Baker, Butcher, Barber

Colouring: B for Big Bird
Writing: Bb for Baker
Craft: Big Boy Broccoli
Song: Pat-a-cake

I also got to play with some soy beans & black beans.. :)

Mummy had taken some pictures of me as I turned 31 months old today.....

Mummy thinks I'm finally over 90cm (albeit slightly)

Changi Boardwalk

Sat, 11 Jul 09

Today, we went to Changi Boardwalk.... I saw aeroplanes & also boats.... :)
We only managed to walk the Creek Walk and part of the Beach Walk as it was getting dark and we were also tired..... haha...
I think Mummy would want to go and walk the whole stretch again...maybe only with Daddy....heee...

Enjoy the show!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today's the 1st lesson of Term 3 at LNT.... We had a new classmate but Enrui had withdrawn for a few weeks... Hopefully, he would come back again....
My home support booklet for this term...

Oh, after my lesson, Mummy & I wandered around Bugis area for about 2 hours to wait for Daddy but in vain.... Mummy called him many times but he was not around, guess he was still stuck in meeting with his boss.... So in the end, Mummy decided to bring me home....
(I'm already in bed now and Daddy's not home yet... Poor Daddy!)

Some photos Mummy took of me before we went home...

That's Lasalle School of the Arts in the background...haa... I'm too small to be seen clearly in the 1st picture...