Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A really short Bible Song

A super short bible song........Mummy's not sure if this is it?! Hahaha...
I requested Mummy to video me singing it nonetheless.....
Maybe Ah Po can let us know what song is this??




Singapore Airshow 2012

Sat, 18 Feb 12

Nah.......we didn't go to the Airshow exhibition.......
At Po Po's request, Mummy brought me to Pasir Ris on Fri so that Gong Gong & Po Po can bring me to see the airplane show on Sat.......

We went to Changi Beach to wait for the performance.........

Here comes the plane! Can you see it in the distance??

It's so LOUD!!

<> Happy Valentine's Day <>

Wishing all a romantic Valentine's Day......

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ah Po :)

Ah Po, Happy Birthday to you!
I love you!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chingay @ Chinatown CNY Celebrations 2012

As part of the Chinatown Yuan Xiao Jie Celebrations, floats from the Chingay parade made an appearance...... There are 11 floats in all...

I called this:" Mummy's heart heart float" cos Mummy like heart shape... hahaha..

This Dragon float is my favourite! It leads the parade....

Day view.....

Night view...

At the end, firecrackers and fireworks went off as well!!

CNY 2012 at Chinatown

Today, we went to Chinatown again.....
This time, we chanced into the Yuan Xiao Jie Celebrations where the floats of the Chingay Parade made an appearance..... (Refer to the next post)



My Po Po's name...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jesus in the Morning


Jesus in the morning
Jesus at the noon time
Jesus, Jesus
Jesus when the sun goes down

love Him
love Him
love Him in the morning
love Him at the noon time
love Him
love Him
love Him when the sun goes down

serve Him
serve Him
serve Him in the morning
serve Him at the noon time...
serve Him
serve Him
serve Him
when the sun goes down

praise Him
praise Him
praise Him in the morning
praise Him at the noon time...
praise Him
praise Him
praise Him
when the sun goes down

CNY Songs

Here are some Chinese New Year songs I learnt in school.....
Hope you like them :)







Singapore River Hongbao 2012

Sun, 29 Jan 12

We went to Singapore River Hongbao today.........
As compared to last year, this year's displays are more beautiful......

Our horoscopes......

Wishing well.... I wish for "xxxx".....cannot tell you lest it won't come true... ;p


We queued up to buy a pack of Milo Cool so that I can get this Milo balloon for free......
See my gleeful grin...

Big truck convoy...
This year, the car ride costs $5! $1 more than last year...... but the vehicles are trucks and much nicer.... :)

Ok, I'm all set to go.......

Vroom Vroom...

Round and round we go..... Mummy lost count of the number of rounds....

That was a satisfying ride!