Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wild Wild Wet

Mummy & Daddy brought me to Pasir Ris today, as we will be going to Wild Wild Wet (Po Po has 2 free admission tickets from some event she attended)....
Both Gong Gong & Po Po can have free admission as senior citizens.... so they only need to buy a ticket for me which costs only $6.90 for NTUC member...
For more details, go here:
In the end, I managed to go in free also, as the ticketing staff said Gong Gong can bring me in for free (not sure why though).... hehe... free for all of us... We didn't need to spend a single cent....

At the ticketing booth....holding onto the 2 free tickets which will be used by Daddy & Mummy...

A shot with Mummy before heading for the water area!

First stop for warm up: Yippee!
Yippee! is a shallow sloshing area filled with soft play equipment designed to provide a safe and fun environment for toddlers.

Next stop for fun: Professor's Playground
Designed around the theme of an experimental laboratory, Professor's Playground packs a myriad of novel fixtures such as slides, ladders, water cannons and fountains.

Last stop for relaxation: Shiok River
Spanning 335 metres in length, Shiok River skirts the perimeter of the park, meandering through a variety of lush landscape that will leave you soothed and invigorated.
(It took us around 15 mintues to go one round....Mummy actually felt tired instead hahaha, as she was not sitting in the tube like me.....)

After the last slide down with Mummy, heading to the changing room already....

Last shot before leaving...

Having our dinner at the food court.....
Oh, my yellow snail balloon sculpture was given to me by a lady when we first reached the park.... ;p

I had a really fun time!! :)
Needless to say, I will be staying with Gong Gong & Po Po for the long weekend.... yeah!

Birthday Goodies bag from Erica..

Fri, 29 Apr 11

Today, all of us received goodies bag from Erica, who celebrated her birthday with us in school...
Happy Birthday to you, Erica!! Thank you for the wonderful sweet treats in the goodies bag :)

I said happily to Mummy when she came to fetch me:"Today's Erica birthday, we had a goodies bag with lots of things inside... Erica wore a pretty red dress...."

"One Big Hallelujah"

Here's a bible song I learnt in school:

From the bottom of my feet to the top of my head,
let my life be one big Hallelujah.
From the bottom of my feet to the top of my head,
let my life be one big Hallelujah.
Hallelujah, I'll tell my soul to bless you.
Hallelujah, I'll tell my tongue to praise your name.
Hallelujah, I'll tell the world about you.
How your love is making all things new.

PS: Mummy is unable to flip the video, so do bear with tilting your head while watching this video..

唐诗: 春夜喜雨

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Merlion Hotel

We went to have a look at The Merlion Hotel today....

The Merlion Hotel was created specially by a Japanese artist, Mr Tatzu Nishi, for the Singapore Biennale, a showcase of local and international art. The Biennale will end on May 15.
From April 4 to May 5, people will stay nightly in the bedroom, at $150 a night. It was fully booked within an hour of the reservation hotline going live.
The hotel is open to the public for viewing from 10am to 7pm throughout the Biennale. Admission is free.

It is really quite ugly to look at from the middle down, as they didn't do anything to cover up all the scaffolding....

The inside was all nicely done up though... there's even a mini reception area right outside the room....

The highlight of the room: The Merlion head!
(Mummy find it quite weird to sleep with the head looming over you though...)

The view from the bathroom is great! There's a balcony right outside the bedroom as well, but we were not allowed to go there....

At the vanity area and one last shot at the reception area before going off.....
Bye Bye, Merlion Hotel....

We also took some photos of the scenery around the area.... do enjoy the photos below!

We walked to the Esplanade where we chanced upon a performance....