Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New sounds "gaga", "papa", "dada"

I made a few new sounds over the weekend.... :)
Oh, in case I never mentioned before, "mama" was the first sound I made!! It was on 3 Jul 07....
On Sat, 27 Oct 07, I added a few more words to my vocabulary: "gaga", "papa", "dada"
I started off with "gaga".... then while Mummy was preparing my dinner for me, she thought she heard one or two "papa" in between the "gaga gaga..." sound...
After my dinner, Mummy left me in my highchair, so Daddy & she can have dinner... While they were having their dinner, I continued "gaga gaga...", then sometimes "papa papa..." so Mummy knew she didn't hear wrongly in the kitchen...hehe..
Then Mummy was telling Daddy that if change the "gaga" abit, would become "dada"....
So guess what?? Daddy kept trying to teach me to say "dada" instead since he had finished eating....
Mummy to Daddy: "If by just listening & looking at you a few times can say already, really genius! haha"
Me: "gaga gaga dadada ga..." (I proved Mummy wrong!! so am I a genius?? hahaha)
But "dada" more difficult for me ..... that was the only time I did it so far.... just to prove Mummy wrong...heehee...

My First Upper Tooth ....

On Sun, 28 Oct 07, Mummy discovered that my upper left tooth is coming out...... She can see and feel a little bit of the white white thingy......
Oh, no wonder I had been abit cranky the past few days.... abit only, not too bad, right? hehe...

Mummy did not take any pictures of me these few days, so no pictures to show.... ;p
Next time, ok??

Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Warriors...

See this beautiful collage done by Auntie kkf...
Thanks so much for your time & effort, Auntie kkf!! *Muak*
All of us are little warriors!! Why? cos we are all premmies, but we sure grow up well ... Three cheers for us, ok?!!! :)
Can you find me?? ;p

Bye bye Ah Gong & Ah Po, Hello Wai Gong & Wai Po

Sun, 21 Oct 07
My Ah Gong & Ah Po would be going back to KL today on the 1pm train.... so sad, I won't get to play with them anymore... :(
Daddy & Mummy brought me downstairs to wait for cab and see them off....
Bye bye... Hope you all come to visit me again soon!

After seeing my Ah Gong & Ah Po off, Mummy put me to bed for a short nap....
When I woke up from my nap, guess who I saw??

My Wai Gong & Wai Po were here!! After my lunch, they brought me for a walk downstairs... We even went to the highest floor of the next block & took some pictures...

You can see The Singapore Flyer in this picture...

In the evening, all of us went to Tiong Bahru Plaza foodcourt for dinner (ok, I did not eat anything, I had mine before we went out..) Since I cannot eat anything, I sat on the highchair & kept banging the table...haha..
Mummy commented that it felt like having meals on a plane... cos the table kept shaking...hahaha

With Daddy & Mummy before going out....

Ah Gong & Ah Po are here!!

19 - 21 Oct 07

Ah Gong & Ah Po came from KL to visit me during the weekend... Hip Hip Hooray!!!
They arrived around 5pm in the evening on Fri, 19 Oct 07.
I get to go out again at night, as Ah Gong, Ah Po, Daddy & Mummy went to have dinner at the Tiong Bahru Market Centre... :) I was very excited that night, and keep squealing in the hawker centre..haha..

On Sat, 20 Oct 07, we went to Suntec to shop shop... My Ah Gong bought me a ball from Toys R Us... it is PINK in colour!! hahahaa... cos my Ah Gong said I seem to prefer it to other colour??!!
Mummy:"Alamak! How come he likes pink?" *Mummy fainted*
Hmmm...Pink is my Mummy's favourite colour... only gals can like pink??
(A little note: Now the ball is just lying around, cos seems like I not really interested in it already... OOPs!
Mummy told Daddy I wasted Ah Gong's money, luckily is cheap cheap only $2.95...)

Some pictures of Ah Gong, Ah Po & Me.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Today is my Daddy's birthday....

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Daddy,
Happy birthday to you!

He is on leave today, tomorrow & also on next Mon.... yeah yeah yeah!!

Mummy told me yesterday that today is my Daddy's birthday, so I must try to be well behaved & don't make a fuss.... I guess I did it!! I am extremely well behaved today!! Daddy, nice birthday present, right?

My Ah Gong & Ah Po would be coming down from KL to visit me over the weekend....... yeah... it has been about 2 months since I last saw them...... I missed them.... bet they missed me alot too...

Routine check up at SGH

16 Oct 07

Daddy is on leave today, yeah!!

Today Daddy & Mummy took me to SGH for my routine check up.... Our appointment was at 10.30am... think we reached slightly later at 10.40am as all of us overslept.... Mummy only woke up at almost 9am.... She quickly got my milk ready to feed me, then changed me before getting ready herself to go out... By the time all of us were ready to get out, it was almost 10.30am..haha..
We waited for almost an hour... & guess what, as I didn't poo poo at home this morning, I pooed while at the hospital...& Mummy got to change my diaper at a changing station in the toilet.... oops..
The doctor said everything is fine with me.... she even commented I am very cute!! keke...
Doc: You are very cute, you know?
Mummy: All babies are cute...
Doc: Yes, but some are cuter than others...
(Me - Beams proudly)
Ehh... but I wasn't on my best behaviour in the doctor's room... cos I wailed fiercely when I was forced to lie down for examination... oops..

I am 9kg now & 74.5cm tall.... Mummy asked doctor if I am very short... Apparently not, doctor said average.... :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Puss In Boots expression

Mummy said this pic of me is like that Puss In Boots in Shrek 2..... ;p

Mummy, I am innocent........
(Ok, I know my eyes are not as big.... but still big enough, right??)

I am 10 months old!!

13 Oct 07

Whoosh....Time flies.... I am 10 months old already!!
Today my Wai Gong & Wai Po came over to take care of me, as Mummy & Daddy are going gai gai without me... (Is their pak tor see.. hehe..)

Wai Gong trimmed my hair today... now I look like an army guy... :s

After trimming my hair & giving me my bath, Wai Gong & Wai Po brought me for a walk downstairs & took some pictures.....

Hmmm... I enjoyed myself today.... guess Mummy & Daddy must have enjoyed also.... esp Mummy... She bought a tshirt & pair of shorts for me at Fox as there is 50% discount.... hehehe..
Actually, Mummy had bought a few other clothes for me online also... show you all next time!! :)

Going out with Mummy

9 Oct & 10 Oct 07

Mummy brought me out alone to Tiong Bahru Plaza to run some errands... :)

Mummy, are we going out already??

Sitting in my stroller waiting for Mummy...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New collages done by Mummy :)

Mummy has been lagging behind for the collages again...
She just finished doing up for the 7th month... here are some... she would add on all to the slideshow at a later date.... :)

My 7th Month....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Lunch gathering with Feb07 babies

Fri 5 Oct 07

Today, Mummy brought me out alone for the first time to a lunch gathering with Feb07 babies... I was supposed to be a Feb07 baby, but I was too eager to greet the world.... Also, I wanted to share the same birthday as my Mummy, so I came out much earlier in Dec 06... hahaha... what a shock to everyone!!
Sorry Mummy, I was super cranky today.... I would try to be good the next time...
Pls do bring me out again, ok??
Mummy was saying all the other babies very well behaved... oops I am the oldest, but the worst behaved... *ashamed*
Nice to meet all the didis & meimeis.... zz, ben, yael, yx, lil j, yoori, jade, & also sarah jiejie...
Hope my cries didnt scare all of you off... ;p

Bye bye my Tiny Love musical mobile & activity gym..

Time to say bye bye to my Tiny Love musical mobile & activity gym which have accompanied me for the past 10 mths..... :'(
As I can now stand up & grab the animals on the musical mobile (I actually managed to pull down the whole thing twice & it dropped on me!!), Mummy decided to take it down & sell it away, as it is still in 100% working condition.... Hope it would bring joy to another baby as I truly enjoyed looking at it... hehe..
I have also outgrown the playgym, as I prefer to crawl around exploring the place, rather than lying there ... the toys can no longer entice me ...hahaha..

A picture of my musical mobile & playgym... that me?? i was still so small then...

Diff expressions.....

Nowadays, Mummy is alone with me.... so she does not have much time to update my blog... but nevertheless, she would still take some pictures of me when she feels like it....
Some shots taken by Mummy when I was standing in my cot.... :)