Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ah Gong!!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my dearest Ah Gong!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What A Mighty God We Serve

What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
Angels bow before Him
Heaven and earth adore Him
What a mighty God we serve.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cars Puzzles..

Mummy told me I can ask my Gong Gong to open up the puzzles for me to do yesterday..... She said to open up the 2 20pc puzzles first.... but my blur Gong Gong opened up the wrong one for me... so in the end, I did both.... :)

Mummy thought that the 60pc puzzle will be too overwhelming for me since I just started doing the 12pc one she bought the 20pc ones for me as well....
I surprised her by being able to do it up, though with some help from my Gong Gong & Po Po (only for the 60pc one, for the 20pc one, I was able to do it all by myself)

Today, I did up the 20pc ones, then proceeded to do the 60pc one.... all by myself! I enjoyed it so much that I did the 60pc one 3 times in all....haha..

唐诗: 钓鱼湾

唐诗: 题破山寺后禅院

Puzzles, Puzzles....

I love to do puzzles now.... :)

Last time when Mummy tried to let me do the 12 piece puzzle (The 12 horoscopes), I was totally not interested at all... so Mummy didn't force it on me....
Recently, Mummy found me doing the puzzle on my own..... I even asked her to open the other 2 (Weather and Seasons) for me to do....


My 3 completed puzzles!

Mummy was delighted that I'm interested in puzzles now, so she and Daddy bought me these 2 Disney Cars puzzles on Mon, 19 Sep 11, at Popular....
One consists of 2 20pc puzzles and the other is a 60pc puzzle...

I told Mummy I want Mickey Mouse puzzle also, so she gotta hunt for one.... hehe... Maybe next time when we went to KL, we will go check out the puzzles... Daddy said it should be cheaper there.... hmmm...

Mummy's presents....

from Daddy for their dating anniversary...........

All chosen by Mummy herself...... The Coach mini skinny was bought online sometime ago and the Stila beach palettes bought on Sun, 18 Sep 11, when they went out alone without me...

Cute Chocolate Sticks 0_0

Wed, 14 Sep 11

Mummy went shopping at OG today and she saw this at the counter while paying for her stuff.... Finding it very cute, she picked one up for me!

Cute & Yummy.... I love it! Thank you, Mummy :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today's the actual day of the Mid-Autumn Festival (八月十五:中秋节)
On Sat, 10 Sep 11, Po Po & Gong Gong brought me to a celebration event at Pasir Ris... I had a lantern (the bigger one).... As for the 2 smaller ones (Rabbit & Tiger), I won them in the lucky draw including a pomelo... haha..

Mid-Autumn Festival by the River

Sat, 3 Sep 11

This evening, we went to Clarke Quay to soak in the festivities of the Mid-Autumn Festival by the River.... There are nightly performances (we caught the tail end of it), and a dazzling display of giant lanterns...... There are also various food and drinks stalls etc along the river in case you want to grab a bite or a souvenir....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day!

Happy Teachers' Day to all the teachers!

This time, I made a simple bookmark with greetings on the back for my teachers.... reason being I was sick since Sun (while still in Pasir Ris, my temp shot up to over 40 degree celsius at times, giving Gong Gong & Po Po a scare)
Yesterday, I didn't go to school as Mummy wanted me to rest more.... so that I will be able to go to school today to give the gifts to my teachers....

Inside each gift bag is a notebook, flower brooch and a bunch of honey sticks for my teachers..

My Little Cousin Eva

Sat, 27 Aug 11

We went to Pasir Ris today and I will be staying with Gong Gong & Po Po over the long weekend....yippee!!

We popped over to Jiu Mu's home (she's doing her confinement there) to visit my little cousin, Eva, who is born on 16 Aug 11.....
Congratulations to Jiu Jiu & Jiu Mu being promoted to Daddy & Mummy!

Night Ride @ Peranakan Museum

Fri, 26 Aug 11

Mummy brought me to the Peranakan Museum for the Night Ride event which is held as part of Voyage Night Festival 2011...

We reached there around 7pm which was just in time for the first performance.... I also received a goodies bag :)

Sound Waves by Armenian Heritage Ensemble (Main Lobby)

I was not really interested in the singing, so Mummy brought me up to level 3 to get the ice cream coupons first.... We then walked through the galleries at level 2 & 3.....
Sail Trail (Galleries, Level 2 & 3)

While waiting for the next performance, Mummy brought me to the glow-in-the-dark room for some crafts.... As the sand craft area was full, we went to the paper craft area..... My little stick-it glow in the dark....

As for the paper craft, we didn't complete it I heard the music outside and wanted to go watch the performance....

Light Rhythm (Main Lobby)
The performance is so-so only and I was bored after a while...... and kept asking Mummy about the puppet show...(cos when we first arrived, the puppet show was ending, so Mummy said we need to wait for the next showtime)

Off we went....
Shadow Play (The Ixora Room)

This is my favourite show of the evening.... I even get to have a go at manipulating a Donald Duck puppet.... Great fun! :)

After the puppet show, we managed to catch the last bit of the drums performance and I get to beat the drums too....
Sound Waves by Fusion Beats (Main Lobby)

Mummy decided to go and redeem our ice cream while we waited for the last performance.....
Yummy ice cream and it's free!

Sands of Time (Main Lobby)

Peranakan artifacts...

This is Mummy's favourite show..... I like that I get to play with the sand after the show (even though it's just a few minutes)... see all the eager hands there.... haha!

I had great fun at the musuem, I told Mummy..... We can go again next time!