Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Feast

All prepared by dearest Mummy of course.... ;p

Thur, 3 Oct 13
Braised pork, Honey threadfin

Mon,  7 Oct 13
Green curry chicken, Fried tom yam stingray

Tue, 8 Oct 13
Tau cheo grouper steak, Fried chicken thigh with chilli sauce

Wed, 9 Oct 13
Savory drumette with long beans, Steamed threadfin with fried garlic

Tue, 22 Oct 13
Herbal duck, Sambal batang

Wed, 23 Oct 13
Claypot chilli chicken, Fried pomfret

Thur, 24 Oct 13
Soya chicken, Fried cod

Wed, 30 Oct 13
Tau cheo pork ribs, Fried pomfret

Thur, 31 Oct 13
Marmite chicken drumette, Butter salmon

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Fri, 18 Oct 13

Mummy and I went out to Orchard today to shop for Daddy's present......Mummy had bought him something earlier.... We added on a book and a card....
On the way back, Mummy picked up a birthday cake as well....

Happy Birthday to my Dearest Daddy!
May all your wishes come true.... 

Early Birthday Dinner for Daddy

We went to KL from 12 to 15 Oct 13 as I have a one week break from school due to PSLE marking....:)

On Mon, 14 Oct 13, we had dinner at Coliseum to celebrate Daddy's birthday...

Daddy with his present from Ah Gong and Ah Po...

Me with my Ah Po

With my Mummy

C.O.W Games Carnival 2013

Thur, 3 Oct 13

Today, our school held a games carnival for the Primary 1 and 2 students....
Mummy came to join me......I took part in the games at all the various stations... It was a blast!

We started off at the Games Hall while the Primary 2 students were at the School Hall...

Standing on 1 foot...

Making sure the shuttlecock doesn't drop...

Chair football

Off we went to the School Hall for the 2nd round of activities

3 legged...

Chair basketball

Debriefing by the teachers... before we went for our Children's Day celebration...
Can you spot me?