Saturday, August 31, 2013

What's Cooking in Aug

What Mummy cooked for us in Aug.....

Mon, 5 Aug 13
Curry chicken, Threadfin with ikan billis sambal

Tue, 13 Aug 13
3 cups chicken, Char siew omelette, Fried threadfin with dark soya sauce

Wed, 14 Aug 13
Tau cheo pork ribs, Sambal batang

Thur, 15 Aug 13
Chilli mee hoon with shrimp paste chicken

Tue, 20 Aug 13
Green curry chicken, Teriyaki salmon

Wed, 21 Aug 13
Braised chicken in hua tiao chiew, Steamed egg

Tue, 27 Aug 13
Savory pork ribs with long beans, Braised beancurd

Wed, 28 Aug 13
 Soy sauce chicken, Crispy threadfin bites with honey & lime

Birthday Celebration for Gong Gong and Eva 2013

Thur, 8 Aug 13

We celebrated Gong Gong's and Eva's birthday in advance.....
This time, we will be at Jiu Jiu's house....

Dinner at Swensens Compasspoint

Little Eva and her birthday present
See, she's so happy :)

Yummy cakes!

Let's pose for pictures first..

Cake cutting time

Pasir Ris National Day Observance Ceremony

Sat, 3 Aug 13

This weekend, I am at Pasir Ris at the request of Po Po.... :)
This morning, Gong Gong and Po Po brought me to the National Day Observance Ceremony held by Pasir Ris Town Council....

Finally, it's time for some fun!

After playtime, it's snack time!

Going home with my mini flag *waves*