Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas at MBS

Outside Todai......

At the skating rink....
Can you spot Mummy & me?

Christmas Tree near the entrance...

Buffet at Todai

Our yearly affair with Auntie Zhenzhen and family.... :)

Oh, Mummy didn't take any pictures of the food as we were too busy eating...haha..

Both of us have the same birthday....
Both handsome dudes also... right?

My Certificate of Achievement

Mummy received this in the mailbox while I was away in Pasir Ris....

It was a pleasant surprise for her :p

She hopes I will get this every year.... haha
I must be hardworking and keep up the good work!!

I'm Back!

Fri, 29 Nov 13

I went to Pasir Ris for a week.......woohoo!
Got to come back today, as tomorrow we will be meeting up with Auntie Zhenzhen and her hubby and little boy....(our yearly affair)

Added presents from Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu to us under the Christmas tree....*grins*
Mummy told me there are 2 new presents added while I was away..... and they are for me...:)

Our Christmas Tree 2013

Sun, 17 Nov 13

Finally, our Christmas tree for this year is up!
It's gold, silver, and pink theme.... Has Mummy's favourite colour again.... haha...

Christmas at Marina Square & Millenia Walk

Sat, 16 Nov 13

Today, we went to Giant for our groceries shopping.......
We saw all these beautiful Christmas decor at Marina Square atrium area, but too bad it was not opened yet.... Hope we will have the time to come back again....

At Millenia Walk.... pales in comparison ya...

Christmas at Takashimaya

Sat, 9 Nov 13

This year, their theme is Tiffany blue....