Thursday, October 18, 2007

Routine check up at SGH

16 Oct 07

Daddy is on leave today, yeah!!

Today Daddy & Mummy took me to SGH for my routine check up.... Our appointment was at 10.30am... think we reached slightly later at 10.40am as all of us overslept.... Mummy only woke up at almost 9am.... She quickly got my milk ready to feed me, then changed me before getting ready herself to go out... By the time all of us were ready to get out, it was almost 10.30am..haha..
We waited for almost an hour... & guess what, as I didn't poo poo at home this morning, I pooed while at the hospital...& Mummy got to change my diaper at a changing station in the toilet.... oops..
The doctor said everything is fine with me.... she even commented I am very cute!! keke...
Doc: You are very cute, you know?
Mummy: All babies are cute...
Doc: Yes, but some are cuter than others...
(Me - Beams proudly)
Ehh... but I wasn't on my best behaviour in the doctor's room... cos I wailed fiercely when I was forced to lie down for examination... oops..

I am 9kg now & 74.5cm tall.... Mummy asked doctor if I am very short... Apparently not, doctor said average.... :)

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小丘 said...

yeah yeah, the doctor is right! hee, ryan is very very cute!