Monday, March 21, 2011

Daddy's & Mummy's Getaway to Bali Day 3: Day Tour - Barong & Kris Dance

Sun, 13 Mar 11 morning

Daddy & Mummy joined a one day tour taking them to various attractions in Bali....

First stop of the day was at Batubulan to watch the Barong & Kris Dance....

The play represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirit. Barong (a mythological animal) represents a good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represents an evil one.

The Dances start with music over tone.
The tiger appears, followed by his friend the monkey. Three masked men appear. As their child was killed by the tiger, the three men attack the tiger, who is helped by the monkey. One of the nose of the men is bitten off during the fight.

First Act.
Two servants of the Rangda appear, looking for the servants of Dewi Kunti who are on their way to meet their Patih (Prime Minister).

Second Act.
Two servants of Dewi Kunti appear. One of the Rangda's servants changes into a witch and enters both servants to make them angry. They meet their Patih and go together to Dewi Kunti.
Third Act.
Dewi Kunti and son, Sadewa, come up. A witch appears and enters Dewi Kunti, who becomes angry and orders the Patih to bring Sadewa into the forest.
The Patih is also entered by a witch, so he does not have pity on Sadewa. Sadewa is then taken into a forest and tied up to a tree.

Fourth Act.
Unknown to Rangda, God Siwa, appears and gives Sadewa immortality. The Rangda appears, ready to kill Sadewa and eat him but Sadewa is still alive. Rangda then surrenders and askes Sadewa to redeem her. Sadewa agrees and kills the Rangda, who goes into heaven.

Fifth Act.
One of the servants of the Rangda, Kalika, comes up before Sadewa and asks him to redeem her too but Sadewa refuses.
Kalika gets angry and changes into a boar to fight Sadewa. The boar is defeated. She then changes into a bird but is defeated again. At last, she changes into a Rangda. Sadewa meditates and changes into a Barong. Still the Rangda seems to be too powerful and the fight is never ending. Followers of the Barong appear and help to fight the Rangda.

Mummy with the Barong after the show..

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